Bath Update

Spring has officially sprung, daylight savings time has given us time to mow the grass.
Suddenly there is more to do and be done than could possibly fit into your day.
But hey, at least it is warm and the days are longer so you have more time to do it all…or so you tell yourself.
Oh yeah…Bath
We have managed to get the water completed in the basement bath.
The toilet is operational and the shower stall glass is in progress.
Several panels of wall board have been installed for a little privacy.
Progress has slowed as the weather has demanded the dandilions heads be chopped off.
The sea of yellow has been replace by the micro palm trees of white.
But who is complaining? The world is green and the days have moved into the 60’s.
The nights remain in the mid to low fourty’s, absolutely perfect camping weather!!!!!!!

One thought on “Bath Update”

  1. Oh how I long for nights in the 40s, or even 50s. There is no better weather to crawl into a down sleeping bag, under the starlit sky with nothing poking out but a nose and little beady eyes. Yessir, its camping time in the great North. I wish I were there to go out with you.

    “micro palm trees of white”?

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