Spring Break 2006

Slowly we gain, bit by bit…
As you can see Dan has the tile laid in the new downstairs bathroom.
Walls are next!
This week is SpringBreak here in Marshall.
Dan, Garrett, and Michael have been busy around the house tending to long running winter projects.
Several weekends ago we managed to get Dan’s motorcycle running.
So Michael’s GR650 has become the focus of attention.
Garrett’s new dirtbike prompted a cleaning of the carb on the YZ125.
The Lightning intake manifold gasket is complete, except it runs really badly and is hard to keep running, it acts like it is starved for fuel. Perhaps that will get resolved today.
Dan’s 87 Diesel Jetta continues to have electrical issues.
It just won’t hold a charge. I feel it must be a stuck relay or…
The grass is starting to grow! It is so good to see a little green again.
But the BEST news of all is the question by Matt if Junior 2.0 meant anything?
Congratulations to Jennifer and Matt Simerson!