Pheasant Hunt, Harsens Island

Daniel and I were fortunate to be invited to go pheasant hunting with a friend.
The weather was perfect. It started out cold but warmed up nicely in the afternoon.
It was clear and sunny. After a full day we are both sun and wind burnt.
There were two groups of six in our hunting party. We had both a morning hunt and an afternoon hunt.
Each group had a dog handler with 2 dogs. It was amazing to watch our Labs RJ and Blue work to find the birds.
Well trained, the dogs responded well to their trainers verbal commands.
The participants ranged from amateur to seasoned veteran.
A very good time was had by all. Except the birds. 56 birds were harvested.


Thursday the 16th of February at 6pm it was 58 degrees F and raining.
Hard, toad strangling rain.
By 10pm it was 22 degrees F.
On Friday the 17th it snowed.
Typical weather this time of year is in the 20’s with light snow flurries off and on.
As wet and warm as this winter has been it makes me wonder if this coming summer is going to be a dry hot one.

Winter’s Back!

January was warm enough to make us forget that it is winter!
February is reminding us it gets really cold in winter.
March will bring the promise of spring.
Such is life.

More Rain

It rained all day today. It was 50 degrees.
What a crazy January it has been!
It is suppose to snow tomorrow.
Perhaps it will be winter again.