Pheasant Hunt, Harsens Island

Daniel and I were fortunate to be invited to go pheasant hunting with a friend.
The weather was perfect. It started out cold but warmed up nicely in the afternoon.
It was clear and sunny. After a full day we are both sun and wind burnt.
There were two groups of six in our hunting party. We had both a morning hunt and an afternoon hunt.
Each group had a dog handler with 2 dogs. It was amazing to watch our Labs RJ and Blue work to find the birds.
Well trained, the dogs responded well to their trainers verbal commands.
The participants ranged from amateur to seasoned veteran.
A very good time was had by all. Except the birds. 56 birds were harvested.

2 thoughts on “Pheasant Hunt, Harsens Island”

  1. Since ya’ll live in Michigan, it’s been a long time since you needed it but there’s this way cool stuff called sunscreen. You probably have some, but since it’s been half a year since you’ve seen the sun, you probably forgot about it.

    Congratulations on the birds. If we weren’t down here in the land where the sun never goes away, I’d offer to help you eat them. Actually, that’s not quite true, we had a four day stretch of overcast skies. I hear there was a stampede to buy heat lamps at WalMart.

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