Oh! Yeah,

Why do you always look down when taking you self portrait?Sometimes I get so busy I forget to do the things I want to do or even need to do,
Well, it’s not so much that I forget, it’s that others demand so much of my time I do not find the time to do what I want.
Like writing on this blog, mountain bike riding, hiking or flying.
I design cooling fans for the transportation industry, It seems every two years a new development in vehicles demands a better cooling fan to meet the emission requirements. The design process requires much innovation and hard work to create a new design that costs less, performs better, and is structurally sound to higher performance levels. Between Heavy Duty truck, Medium Duty truck, Light Pickup truck, Construction and Agricultural vehicles I stay pretty busy, Not to mention the fact that we supply the transportation industry all over the world. My company has manufacturing sites in America, Brazil, Germany, Korea, China, and India.
Typically I am working 3 to 5 tasks at any given time, 10 hour work days are normal. Thankfully I have to pick up Garrett from daycare by 6pm or I would be there 14 hours or more.
But I am fortunate that I have been allowed to visit most of the manufacturing sites. Travel to other nations is exciting and can have life changing effects on you.
Perhaps I will share some of the images and video from my trip to Ningbo, China earlier this year.

Then there is support for my son Garrett. Like Awana, Piano Lessons, and Soccer,

I man the recording sound board at the church I attend. That takes up Sundays from 7:45 am until 12:30pm and Wednesdays from 7:45pm until 9:30pm for practice.
Saturday typically involves Soccer games and food shopping.
For the last 6 months Saturday afternoons and evenings have been taken up with the continual repair of Daniel’s 87 Jetta. We converted it from gas to diesel. That was the easy part. Figuring out how to get an 84 engine with 81 externals into an 87 vehicle and making them work is the fun part. It has been a frustrating learning experience for us both.
However, it finally runs great, 50 miles to the gallon. Good news for a starving college student!

Funny thing, I was not aware that owning land was such a responsibility. I always wanted a large piece of land because I love the outdoors. I did not realize how much work it is to take care of it. It takes two full days to mow my 11 acres with a 5 foot brush hog! Of course the 600 foot gravel driveway and 3/8 mile gravel road has to be maintained as well. So 1 to 2 weekends a month are required to take care of the land and road.
Oh, did I mention I am in the process of finishing the basement? Hmmm, think I did some time ago.
That seems to be a winter project as the demands of summer have placed that on the back burner.

Ok, so what the point of all this moaning and groaning? Just trying to come up with a good excuse why I have not posted to this blog since Feb!

I doubt I’ve been missed.

However, Tria, I am sorry I did not get back to you. Yes I do have Family in Florida, but not out west.
email me…mike@surls.net.

Phea, if I can’t email you how can I contact you?
I wrote a full page reply and then noticed I could not send it to you!

To everyone else…live life like it matters…you do make a difference.

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