Towab Trail

Photos are finally posted from our Hiking Trip up the Towab Trail in the Lake Superior Park of Ontario, Canada. The album is posted here: Towab Trail.



Wild Florida honey harvesters, from left to right Phea Webster, Arno Webster, Bud Surls, Michael Surls, James Surls, Lydia Surls, Mark Webster, Randy Surls, and Deborah Surls with two buckets filled with honeycomb.

The Network is UP!

Yeah! I finally got around to getting the network up and running.
Set it up last night, this morning the ISP had reset the router to allow the new MAC ID, after typing the correct DNS server addresses, every thing works.
The New Dual Ethernet Airport allows the DSL connection on the WAN network side and my local network on the LAN side.
Speaking of, DSL is so cool!
Last night Matt and I were able to establish an Audio iChat session.
Even though it was one sided as I was on the iBook that has no mic.
The audio was clear, crisp, and realtime!
Now if we can just figure out how to get video.

Towab Trail, Ontario Canada

Garrett stands next to the Agawa river at Burnt Rock Pool, our campsite on the Towab Trail in the Lake Superior Park in Ontario, Canada on 10/8/04. We enjoyed two days of rain in the woods. No really! The scenery was spectacular.
I will try my hand at uploading a page with more pictures from the trip.
Just as soon as I get around to getting my new DSL router configured.

Yep, that’s right, weve got DSL! Finally, we be cruizin’ the net.

Now I have to educate myself about configuring a network that allows both Ethernet and Airport connections to use the DSL IP address.